Helping Families Build Christian Foundations in Belize

Our goal is to continue building relationships with the people of Unitedville.

Follow The Cross Ministries (FTC Ministries) is Troy and Barbara McBride, and was founded in early 2007, by Troy McBride. Sent out by, and under the covering of, Eastside City Church and Missionary Society, Troy and Barbara are both in the Ordained Ministry. Barbara is a Belizean, while Troy is a Canadian working towards his Dual nationality. The Vision of FTC Ministries is to bring discipleship training to the country of Belize, empowering Christian leaders, who will empower others.

Church is a dwelling place for God, and foundation for ministry, requiring trust. Trust is something we have built-in Belize for years. We know it is now time to do a church plant. Our goals have not changed but the vision has become clear. Donate…